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cloudpeople BCO performances ... norcal noisefest 2005, slims sf 2006 opening for the legendary pink dots... costumes were created from a half dozen vintage wedding dresses purchased at community thrift in san francisco; bco gatherings were held on several occasions to collaborate on creating the costumes; dresses were hand-shredded, parts and pieces cut apart and then reassembled into the four cloudpeople costumes;  the headpieces were papier mache'd, designed on top of giant balloons and then shredded fabric was sewed by hand over them with black mesh fabric to cover the face areas so the performers could see out but not be seen within; several more of the same balloons became the instruments that the cloudpeople used for the performance, which contained a contact mic taped to the side and a large ball bearing inside of them - the balloons were slowly rotated or shaken to produce different booming or rolling sounds while the musicians stood very still;  two of the cloudpeople s